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The Importance of E-Mail Marketing


“Is email marketing still important?” a question that continues coming up with the adoption of new Digital Marketing methods.

                                      Short answer: IT IS!

Using email marketing to contact and engage with your audiences and customers in a tailored way can boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction at a low cost. Email marketing has developed in the same way that other digital platforms like social media have, and now offers capabilities that make it easier than ever for your organization to contact clients.

Direct communication with your audiences​

Emails allow you to communicate directly and privately with your clients. People view their emails on a regular basis and whenever it is convenient for them.

“Hello, what’s on our minds?” may be the subject of an e-mail. If you have a minute, have a look at our new product!” may demonstrate to clients that they have a relationship to the store and that they are valued. These straightforward yet effective emails will enhance consumer interaction and remind them that your brand or shop is available for them.

E-mail marketing is affordable​

Email marketing is popular not just because it is effective and simple, but also because it is cheap! At a modest cost, a huge number of clients may be reached. However, keep in mind that running an email campaign takes a lot of time and work. Hiring someone to manage your email marketing campaigns could be a good idea. If you’re beginning a new firm, managing these campaigns will take you about 150 hours each year. This would involve email writing, drafting, scheduling, sending, and other tasks, as well as database management, such as adding and removing members, updating information, and other tasks.

Increase brand awareness​

Social media isn’t the only tool you can use to spread the word about your company. Sending your clients engaging emails can only imply one thing: you care about them. They have subscribed to your email list because they want to receive your emails and learn more about your company. This shared passion will enhance your relationship with your consumers and, as a result, raise brand awareness. This isn’t to say that you should write an email every day… Instead, make your emails useful and interesting, and don’t forget to ask them for their feedback and suggestions

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