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How to maintain the continuity of online work


Maintaining continuity remains the difficult challenge all of us face working on the Internet …

So, I will try to provide productive solutions to maintain continuity in working on the Internet and fight the boredom and laziness that you might feel at home.


How to maintain continuity in your work on the Internet?

Working from home without teammates around is a challenge. It may give you peace of mind because you are the one who chooses your goals and working hours.

This situation allows you to feel lazy and leads to delays in implementing or completing tasks with less than the required quality.


How to solve this problem?

Sooner or later, you will have to know that whoever wants to achieve real success in this world must make a better effort than those around him. Life gives to those who can commit and maintain the quality of what is presented. Yes, it takes effort from you first and foremost …


“Continuity is the key to the success of any business on the Internet.”

You have to be well aware of this, as writing content may be an influential factor, and backlinks are an important factor, while continuity is the most important of all these factors.

So one of the most important things that you should consider in your online work:

don’t believe in success before you achieve it.


How to maintain continuity in points:
1- Work with your friends

Work with your friends who are interested in the same field of work,

this will encourage you to finish your work in a faster time, with better results and also if there is an opportunity to start your new project with the partnership of one of your friends, this matter will encourage you to achieve better results, Each of you will provide better results than he has before.


2- Work in other places

Even working with strangers will encourage you to finish your tasks faster and with better quality. Go to an Internet café near you and book an hour or two and make sure to terminus your daily wording at this time.

Yes, back in 2005, when going to internet cafes was the dearest thing to your heart, to repeat this now and see how the return on your work and your perseverance will improve but it’s possible that you get to know many other people as well, which will make your working hours an enjoyable time and you always strive to go work again.


3- Always change your work hours

The most frustrating thing for Freelancers is working fixed and repeated working hours daily, so make sure to always change your work hours between morning and evening.

Do not create a daily routine for your work because you will feel bored sooner or later.

Therefore, I advise you to always change the times of your work almost daily, if you are used to finishing your work early in the morning, change plans and divide your work into more than one period such as morning and evening.

Sometimes try to start your work right after dawn prayers and before sunrise, the idea of ​​ending your work before everyone wakes up is a memorable idea as well and makes you focus only on finishing your work in this period that does not exceed a maximum of two hours.


4- Reward yourself every time you do a good job

Reward yourself every time you finish your task, link your daily enjoyment with ending what is infront of you, fun starts with eating your favorite meal, playing Playstation or watching TV or even going to the movies or anything else.

In this way, you will have a daily incentive to finish your tasks, not every day you will be able to go to the movies or go out with your friends, but also small things can be your daily enjoyment,

5- Create a suitable place for your daily work and look at the wall !

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to create a suitable environment and workplace because this matter will affect your psyche, in a positive or negative way, always try to bring a high office and a comfortable chair for the back, and a large computer screen so that you do not have to tire your eyes.


The most important thing is to look at the wall!

Make definite that your office is facing the wall and your back to the door of the room so that you are not distracted by looking at anything other than your work or focusing on anyone entering or leaving the room, this seems simple but very effective.

You can find great ideas for your new office here.

Get a paper and a pen and write down your idea. Also having a paper and a pen beside you might help you to remove tension by drawing crochet which is one of the most enjoyable things That you may do to clear your mind and return to your work with greater focus.


6- You won’t be a manager if you don’t act like a manager!

Spend a little money for a lot of peace of mind, yes don’t do everything yourself.

When you start to notice progress in your website or project on the Internet, start hiring some of your assistants to do “boring” work for you.

This will allow you to use more time to focus on your prime businesses such as website marketing plans, content preparation, and marketing.

But sometimes you won’t have time to create 100 accounts on 100 sites to post the link to your site with them, leave such actions to their owners and hire someone to do them through or


7- Define your goal for work before you start.

The worst thing is to start a site or any business on the Internet without a goal, you have to know what is your goal is from the site, what you are striving to achieve, and why do you seek it!

This site will make quick profits for you.


You have to ask yourself tough questions such as:

  • What am I trying to reach through this site?
  • What will I lose if this site fails?
  • What will I gain if this site succeeds?
  • Do I have experience in the field I will work in?
  • Am I able to increase my knowledge and experience in this field?
  • Would I be happy working on a site like this?
  • Is there anything that will stop me from continuing with it?
  • Can I get rid of the things that are holding me back or not?
  • Who will be pleased with my success and the success of this website, so that you may approach him
  • Someone who may anger my success and may try to frustrate me and give me anyway possible to get away from him

Your answers to these questions are so important and will put you on the right path and will always motivate you to continue to work and achieve the goal that you have set, and to achieve happiness for you and those around you, whether it is your family, friends, or even your acquaintances and followers.

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