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Adrian Müller works as a business consultant, seminar leader and mentor mainly for small businesses and startups.

We were privileged to revise his new branding concept.



Adrian’s logo was designed by another agency. However, his ideas were not yet fulfilled then. His company idea can be broken down into 3 areas, which he also wanted to depict in his logo.


Erfolg – Reich – Sein (Being successful)


The three colors of the logo should represent one of the three areas, whereby the logo in the different areas then turns to the respective color.

The cube was the symbol for gambling already in the ancient world. Today, more than ever, starting a business is an area where support, mentoring and training are needed, otherwise it really is a gamble whether the company will be successful.

The cube with its different sides is designed to represent this.



I rarely give full stars but here – wow! Superb communication and in each case responded so quickly to my wishes that I could hardly keep up.

And now 10 days before deadline, the corporate identity is ready.  I thank the team for this achievement! Gladly again.



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