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Nele Handwerker’s mission with MS Perspective is to educate others affected by multiple sclerosis about the disease and its parameters so that they can live self-determined, free and happy lives. This is best done right from the moment of diagnosis in order to preserve health in the best possible way for the long term.



The branding and logo of MS Perspective should incorporate the pattern of the disease. The focus was therefore on the nerve cell and the brain.


How do we proceed in the logo-creation process?

To be able to create a suitable branding it is important that we understand the entrepreneur, the company, and the target group (customers) as well as possible.

Therefore, in the first step, we start the cooperation with a questionnaire.
Further questions and queries are discussed in a discovery call.

Then our work begins where we create up to 3 drafts for a possible logo in the first step.

Taking into account the feedback, we will continue to work on a logo version or incorporate the feedback.

Once the logo is finalized and approved by the company, the rest of the branding package is created.



“I am very pleased with my new logo, brand identity guide, and related graphics. Communication during the project was always productive, my comments were well-considered and suggestions were made when needed. In the beginning, I received three different approaches for the new logo, all based on my input and taste, but still quite different to have options. I highly recommend working with Nils and his colleagues. And I will definitely work with them on future projects as well.”




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