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Schacht A

For a project of the managing director of we were allowed to submit a branding proposal and finally won the tender.



Branding is important in any industry, but in healthcare, branding is like having a primary care physician. Everyone needs one!



Healthcare today is about patient choices as it has never been in the past. In an increasingly saturated market, healthcare branding is essential for any healthcare company looking to increase patient numbers and grow.

Schacht A is a company that primarily trains family members of individuals with autism on how to deal with the nature of the character.



The branding and logo we developed for Schacht A clearly focuses on the regional reference to the Ruhr area, in addition to the A for autism.




“An incredibly friendly and committed team that fully understood my wishes. They helped me to find out what I actually wanted, and then used the information to meet my exact requirements and wishes. Communication, timing and quality are impeccable. Absolutely and unreservedly recommended :-)”








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